Irrigation Solutions

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Whether it’s a small irrigation job or a large commercial system, Austin Outerscapes LI#18214 has been providing customers with quality service for over 12 years. We have the skill and the knowledge backed by experience to give you the best service in the business.

Whether you want a basic irrigation system, a drip system for beds or foundations or a smart system that can think for itself, we have them all. We specialize in the following.

Sprinkler system repair- diagnosing and repairing the problem in a quick and efficient manner

Sprinkler system design – We use C.A.D. to draw designs that fit your landscapes needs best. It is important these days that water is not sprayed all over the place. Let our irrigation expert design a plan that will conserve water in many ways.

Lawn sprinkler system installation– a custom designed irrigation system built specifically to your needs. This can include many options to help you save water, such as drip irrigation, MPR rotors, efficient sprinkler heads, rain/freeze sensors, smart controllers and more.

General Sprinkler & Irrigation Questions:

Do I need to be home? Generally, yes. We will need access to your controller most are located in the garage. The same applies for winterizations.

What is a rain sensor? Do I need one? Rain sensors help to save water by interrupting the automatic watering cycle after enough accumulation of rain has occurred. This not only saves money, but can help to make sure that plants are not over watered and can keep you from the embarrassment of watering while it is raining.

What are the benefits of an automatic sprinkler system? – Watering your lawn properly is one of the most demanding chores a homeowner has. During the warmer dryer months in a Texas summer your lawn can burn up in a couple of days without the proper irrigation. While an automatic sprinkler system may seem costly at first, the benefits of never needing to drag out the hose and keep up with the water demands of your lawn far outweigh the expense. If you don’t have an automatic sprinkler system installed, be prepared to do just that

What time of day should I water my lawn?Watering your grass in the early morning hours, with a deep soaking will make the roots anchor themselves deep in the soil, providing a strong rooted lawn. Too frequent watering during the day at shorter intervals will encourage shallow root growth, making a weak lawn that is easily vulnerable to damage. With an automatic irrigation system installed by Austin Outerscapes, you can turn your grass greener than ever, maintaining the lush green color for a complete season with little effort on your part.

What is Drip Irrigation?  Drip irrigation is becoming extremely popular. This allows you to water shrubs and flowers more efficiently. Drip emitters put water at the base of the plant to soak into the root base where it is needed, rather than on top of it. Emitters put out a regulated drip that can be changed to meet the needs of various plants. A 2′ shrub needs less water that a 20′ tree.

What should I do when I have a water leak in my irrigation system? If the leak is constant (leaking when the system is not in actual operation) the system should be shut off at the point of connection. If the leak is not constant (only leaking when the system is in operation) turn the time off on the particular zone. If any type of leak is found, call Austin Outerscapes and we will respond within 24 hours and schedule your repair at your convenience.

Can I just turn my system on myself in the spring? Absolutely! However, you should keep in mind that is a good idea to run it through its paces and look for leaks and any winter damage. We know what to look for and where, and our technicians are experts at setting controllers, which can often be confusing. We are here to save you time and provide our expertise!

When should I turn my system on? – We recommend that you wait until after the danger of a hard freeze is passed. Typically, you can have confidence that you are safe from freezing after the first of May.